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Networking - List Servers


Members receive timely information from the ATL staff and network with ATL members statewide.  This is one of the Association's most widely used member benefits.  New attorneys have the opportunity to receive advice and help from experienced, long-time practitioners.  Members receive referrals from other members via the listserve as well as find experts in other areas of practice.  In addition, the listserve is used to make announcements of Association events as well as keep members up-to-date on legislation during the legislative session.  The Association has a general and plaintiff's only listserve.

Listserve/E-Mail Forum Policies and Agreement for Participation

The Alaska Trial Lawyers Mail/E-mail forums are a privilege of membership.  By virtue of their participation in the forums, members understand and agree to the following policies:

Membership in the ATL is a requirement to participate in the ATL Mail/E-mail forums; lapsed members will be removed from the list.

Members who participate understand and agree that the ATL Mail is a private forum, where all other members intend that respective e-mail postings and transmissions are private and confidential to members only and not intended for distribution to the public at large.  Members further understand and agree that information contained in the ATL Mail postings may contain attorney client privileged information for consultation among ATL members who are experts, and thus the e-mail posting contacts are work product privileged.

Participating members take full responsibility for the messages they, their staff or legal associates post to the Mail/E-mail forums.  Members agree to indemnify and hold harmless the ATL, its officers, Board of Governors, agents, and employees for their own negligence, willful misconduct, intellectual property infringement, libel, breach of agreement, or any other act or omission causing damage resulting from their use of the Mail/E-mail forums.

Members who participate agree to appropriate standards of conduct at all times on the ATL Mail/E-mail forums, and agree not to use obscene, offensive, inflammatory, libelous, and/or derogatory language.  Members further understand and agree that such postings may result in the removal from the Mail/E-mail forum list.

Members understand and agree that ATL does not screen e-mail content prior to posting and therefore does not approve, authorize, censor, edit or otherwise exercise any discretion over the content of postings to the list.  The member posting any e-mail is therefore solely responsible for the content of the posting.

Members who participate in the ATL Mail/E-mail forums understand and agree that they may not use the service for the solicitation of clients or commercial purposes.

Members who participate on the ATL Listserve e-mail understand and agree that this service is a privilege of membership.  They may be removed for violation of these policies at the discretion of the ATL Executive Committee, which is made up of ATL’s President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Past President.