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  March 22, 2017


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Class Action

Court Dismisses Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against University of Kansas
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A Kansas Court has dismissed a class action lawsuit against the University of Kansas by the families of two women who allege they were sexually assaulted by a former school athlete. According to the lawsuit, filed by the parents of two former rowers for the school, they were sexually assaulted by a former Jayhawk football player in a campus dorm. However, the District Court in Douglas County recently ruled in favor of the University of Kansas, denying the lawsuit's claims that the school falsely advertised safe residence halls and violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act.
Mara Rose Williams, Kansas City Star 03/22/2017   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
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Growing Number of Lawsuits Over Shingles Vaccine Side Effects
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A number of lawsuits have been filed against the makers of a shingles vaccine over life-threatening side effects. The lawsuits have been filed against Merck, the manufacturer of the shingles vaccine Zostavax. In February of last year, the FDA asked Merck to add a number of side effects to the vaccine label, including eye injuries and infections. One woman who filed suit against the company after suffering an eye injury and high blood pressure alleges that Merck "failed to provide patients with adequate warnings regarding the risks associated with the shingles vaccine."
Jane Mundy, Lawyers and Settlements 03/16/2017   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
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Settlement Reached in Hit-and-Run Lawsuit Against Iraq Vet
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A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit against a Iraq war veteran over a fatal hit-and-run incident in 2014. The lawsuit was filed by the administrator for the estate of the man who was hit by the defendant's car and dragged for 30 feet. The veteran pleaded guilty in Forsyth Superior Court in June 2016 to second-degree murder in connection to the incident and was sentenced to 10 years to 13 years in prison. The details of the settlement of the civil lawsuit against the man were not revealed in court documents.
Michael Hewlett, Winston-Salem Journal 03/22/2017   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
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Tulsa County, Oklahoma to Pay $10M in Paralyzed Man's Jail Death
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After hours of deliberation, an Oklahoma jury ruled that Tulsa County will pay $10 million to the estate of a man who died at the county jail. According to the lawsuit, the man suffered for five days after hitting his head in his cell. The man called for help after becoming paralyzed from his injury, but was ignored by jail staff, said the lawsuit. Jail surveillance reportedly "showed jail staff tossed trays of food at his feet and placed water out of his reach and showed jail staff dragging him from one cell to another on a blanket."
Taylor Newcomb, News On 6 03/20/2017   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
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$2.5 Million Verdict for Mother of Young Man Shot Dead by NYPD
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On Friday, March 17, 2017, a Brooklyn jury returned a $2.5 million verdict in favor of the mother of a 25-year-old African-American man who was shot dead by the Brooklyn NYPD in 2008. The verdict came as a surprise to many since the deceased’s untimely death was ruled an accident by the District Attorneys’ office nine years ago. The events surrounding the man’s death began on August 7, 2008, when deceased plaintiff Ortanzso Bovell was discovered by the Brooklyn South Auto Larceny squad attempting to break into a 2004 Mustang GT.
Elizabeth DiNardo, Esq., Associate Counsel, Counsel Financial 03/21/2017   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
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Wrongful Death

Widow Files Suit Against Pilot's Estate Over Husband's Death
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The widow of a man who was killed in a plane crash in California has filed a lawsuit against the estate of the plane's pilot. The plane was taking off from Hawthorne Municipal Airport when it crashed into a condominium complex in June 2016, killing the plaintiff's husband, the pilot, and another passenger. The complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court alleges that the pilot and other unnamed defendants were "negligent in the operation and maintenance of the Grumman American AA 1B aircraft."
Larry Altman, Daily Breeze 03/21/2017   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
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Victims of Pulse Nightclub Shooting File Suit Against Shooter's Wife, Employer
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Victims of the fatal shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando have filed suit against the wife of the shooter. Survivors of the shooting and families of those who were killed filed the lawsuit on Wednesday in Fort Pierce federal court. The lawsuit alleges that the wife and her husband's employer had knowledge of the man's instability and intent to cause harm prior to the shooting. Named as defendants in the lawsuit are Noor Salman, the shooter's wife, and his employer, the G4S security firm.
Paul Brinkmann, Orlando Sentinel 03/22/2017   Facebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn Icon
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